FSU 2019 - 2020

Welcome to the Early Years Foundation Stage!

Here in Nursery and Reception we are capturing the children's imaginations using real life learning experiences!

Below you will find details of what is happening in the EYFS and we hope you and your child enjoy discovering what we are learning this year.


Autumn 1

Why Do You Love Me So Much?

Love is a most precious gift.

We are going to learn how to care for ourselves and others.

  • What makes us special and unique?
  • What are emotions and feelings?
  • How do we care for ourselves and others?
  • How do we use our senses to explore our environment?


Autumn 2

Why Can't I have Chocolate For Breakfast?

Sweet, sour, crunchy, smooth, food is fabulous!

Let's use all our senses to explore and investigate the wonderful world of food.

  • How does food keep us fit and healthy?
  • Where does our food come from?
  • Why does porridge go gooey when cooked, or bread rise when it is baked?



Spring 1



Where Does Snow Go?

Look out, look out, Jack Frost is about!

We are going to explore our amazing winter weather; snow, ice, frost Brrrrrrrrrrrrr!!

  • What happens to snow and ice when they melt?
  • How do animals and birds adapt to cold weather?
  • How do we keep safe and warm in the cold?
  • Let’s find out about wonderful wintery words and the sensory qualities of snow and ice.



Spring 2

Are Eggs Alive?

Let’s explore the most wonderful season of the year

New life is beginning to appear all around us. We want to explore and experience the many changes that take place during spring.

Let’s watch an egg hatch.

  • What will come out?
  • Is it alive?
  • How will we take care of this new life?


Let’s plant some seeds and see what happens.

  • How tall will our plants grow?
  • Will they touch the sky?

So many wonderful surprises to look forward to!


Summer 1

Why Do Spiders Eat Flies?

Here come the mini beasts.

Under rocks and under stones.

Under logs let’s find them at home.

Spiders, Slugs and Snails





  • Why do spiders spin webs?
  • What do worms eat?
  • How many legs has a centipede?

Just a few of the great questions we will thinking about as we explore the fantastic and fascinating world of mini beasts.  


Summer 2

How Many Colours in the Rainbow?

Let’s explore the amazing colours we see around us.in God’s wonderful world.

Why is the sky so blue?

How does a tiger’s stripes help it hide?

What happens when we mix colours together?

How can I make a rainbow?


St. Edmund's two year cycle for topics taught in the Foundation Stage.

Cycle A

Cycle B

Why do you Love Me So Much?

Why Do you Love me so Much

Why Can’t I Eat Chocolate For Breakfast?

Why do Leaves Go Crispy

Where Does Snow Go?


How Does that Building Stay Up?


Are Eggs Alive?


Did Dragons Exist?


Why Do Spiders Eat Flies?


Can We Explore It?


How Many Colours In The Rainbow?


Am I the Fastest?