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It is a high priority for everyone at St. Edmund's R.C. Primary School that we keep all of our children safe. It is important for children, and adults, to understand when they are not using the internet and digital devices in a safe way. We train children to become digital leaders. They are encouraged to learn about and spread the e-safety message throughout the school.

As part of the new curriculum we are teaching ‘Digital Literacy’ that covers all aspects of E-Safety. We also have a ‘Safer Internet Day’ each year,

If you have any concerns about your child and being safe either at home or at school then please contact the school.

You can use your computer, mobile phone or tablet for lots of fun things and to make lots of new friends from all over the world.

This section of our website will provide you with links to really useful advice on how to be careful when you use the internet and some great tips to keep safe.  Please don't hesitate to follow any of the links below for help and advice.





Parent Info is collaboration between CEOP and Parent Zone and provides information to parents and carers about their children’s well-being and resilience, internet safety and a wide range of other topic matters like sex, relationship and body image.


Think You Know

Think U Know Website

I bet you probably like to use the computer for fun. The Think U Know website will help you go on the internet in a safe way and tell who to talk to if you are worried. You can also find out about Lee & Kim’s adventures or watch Hector and his friends learning to use computers safely! If you want to talk to someone else you can call ‘Childline’, which is a place where people who are nice can help you.
They won’t tell anyone that you have called and it’s free. You can phone them on: 0800 1111.



 KidSMART Website

Be Smart be cool – Be smart online.
What’s your favourite thing to do online. Visit the KidSMART website and learn more about the internet and being a SMART surfer. Learn the SMART Rules with Kara Winston and the SMART Crew. If anything goes wrong online or upsets you make sure you tell someone about it. Download a poster of the SMART Rules by clicking the link below.


Help and Advice

If you find something on the internet or someone has made you sad or scared you should tell your mum, dad or the person who looks after you at home or a teacher at school. If you would like to talk to someone else we have added some links to the Advice Help and Report Centre on the CEOPS website. You can contact people who are friendly and helpful by following the link for your age group.


Online Safety Parental Newsletters 

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